My ongoing project is a documentary of a nearby place in my neighborhood within Berlin. Nowadays it is still a park, including living complexes with a history. My portrait of the park is far away from any historical or political development. Moreover it is a contemporary testimonial of the people and surroundings. 
It reflects interactions and leftovers and shows some kind of lovely awkwardness I faced during four years taking pictures. It gives you melancholic times, inpressive meetings and the opportunity to see everything in a certain twinkle. Without judging, without pointing out controversy subliminal politics -  just for perceiving any appearance, which crosses your way.
Therefore I gave this series the title: "Jetzt mal im Ernst" ("In all seriousness"), a german pun which refers to the name of the park in a humorous way. It is and will not be a political documentation, but definitely a portrait of an urban oasis with beauty and weirdness.
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